Company Profile - About Us


Leslie Hanzlik has been inhaling Fashion & Beautiful Things all of her life!
She is the Owner and Curator of TRYCOMP and TRYCOMP-FASHION.
She spent 20 years designing One-of-a-Kind Jewelry items and selling
them to the likes of Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Harrods in London,
& Takashimaya in Japan.
Utilizing Antique & Vintage Materials as a basis for her
collection called FACETS BY SPECTRUM.

After so many years dedicated to Artistic and Wearable Treasures,
she was asked to help out with her husbands new enterprise
Called Try-Computing, and she took a hiatus from Trend-Setting and Design.
A little company called EBAY was born during this time period and "Trycomp"
signed up. Their goal was not to sell, but to use EBAY as a means of finding new sourcing.
It didn't take long for EBAY to knock the socks off the computer business,
Making their "Middleman" operation almost obsolete. Because they had feedback
Under the name of "Trycomp", Leslie took over the reins of sales and returned
to her Fashion roots. That is how TRYCOMP evolved into a high fashion, sophisticated
Ladies Clothing and Accessory Purveyor from the best Designers all over the world.

Coming from a modest background, "I never knew I wasn't rich.
I thought I was born standing in front of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City."
Her taste level was honed from her earliest memories, as her Mother took her everywhere to shop!
From Fifth Avenue, to the original Loehmanns, to Paris.
"I slept with Womens Wear Daily under my pillow for years", she teased.
Leslie became knowledgeable with trends and all of the most creative & interesting Designers
Aware of their history, & what made them successful and spectacular.
Having every possible advantage including an extraordinary education.
Her taste level has only become more refined.
Although, primarily interested in Clothes. Accessories, & Accoutrements.
The adoration of her discriminatng aesthetic extends to Antiques and Artistic treasures.
There are few people today who really understand quality.
The way a seam is made, or the refinement of a buttonhole, pick-stitching, hand-painting,
and the pure elegance of a simple garment made into high art.

After about 10 years, a fabulous reign on EBAY, Leslie and her husband Jim
have decided to expand their Web presence with a WEBSITE of their own.
They welcome you to TRYCOMP-FASHION which will bring you the best of the best,
at amazingly discounted prices. Most of the items are NEW, but you will find some
Pre-Owned artistic treasures as well.
You can even connect to read Leslie's 100% PERFECT Feedback on EBAY.
An astonishing feat after selling thousands of pieces over a decade.