HERMES 100% Silk Lipstick Red Asymmetrical Poncho
One Arm Hole, Backward Rolled Scarf Edges and Hand Stitched Finishing

Here is a Pure Lipstick Red Silk Poncho by HERMES
As only they can interpret it!
Brand NEW
Full Cut with tons of volume and movement
It is cut on a diagonal and has the flow of asymmetry
The neckline is a bateau slit opening and the edges are hand stitched forward rolled
Finished exactly like the famous scarves and shawls
Only the left arm has an arm hole
The right arm is open under the drape
Features the outward plumply rolled edge on the angled hemline in a vanilla color silk twill
the body of the poncho is a Japanese Lacquer Red, or Lipstick Red in Hermes Classic Silk de Carre'
Donned over the head
Lingerie snaps on the interior near the neckline
It is magnificent worn simply over that perfect "Little Black Dress"
Or, with a halter and cigarette pants
43" from the neckline to the longest point on the hemline
Over 60" from hem on the seam across the shoulder to the opposite hemline
17" from shoulder to shortest point on the hemline (over the right arm)
But this is a cape to be worn as a coat or shawl accessory.
Fully cut on a bias approximately 115" of hemline
49" Long from shoulder to hem.
Fully edged with forward rolled scarf - definitely stitched by hand.
HERMES Silks are created with the finest "hand" in the Fashion Industry.
HERMES scarves are legend, each one with front hand-rolled stitched edges
and made of the silk twill caree that they invented.
Retail was probably about $3,000.00
This is Ultimately Refined and Tasteful
Chic and Extravagant
Perfect all year round!
Talk about a "POP OF COLOR"

This is a spectacular Runway star to add to your Collection.
Wear it to the Opera or for your most amazing entrance.
HERMES makes the finest clothing in the world
There is no company with a higher quality control
Nor finer fabrication, detailing and finishing
It doesn't get more fabulous than this and it will become a staple in your wardrobe