MISSONI Fabulous Hand Woven Knitted very sophisticated TWINSET
Scooped Neckline Tunic & Matching Long Jacket
96% Viscose and 4% Nylon Knit
Size 48, or US 10-12 with a fair amount of Stretch!
Heavenly detailing all executed with the colors and exotic stitchery - for any wonderful occasion!

For those of us who travel for business as well as pleasure,
we know the joy of wrinkle-free knits!
MISSONI is the answer for the woman with Style & Panache!
And the gal who likes an occasional Walk on the Wildside!

Here is an Exquisitely Colored & Patterned MISSONI Knit TwinSet
Consisting of a Short Sleeved Shell with a Scooped Necklind and
A Long Matching Cardigan Jacket with frog closures.
This incomparable MISSONI that takes my breath away.
They are known for all of their whimsical colorful charming knits
And are most famous for the knits where one color runs into another creating a pattern of color and shade
This is done with only two colors of yarn which makes the detailing and beauty all the more clear.
This can take you anywhere any time, never dated!
Shell has a Scooped Neckline in the front & has a short sleeve
finished with the rich Royal edge of the Chevron Design
The hemline also echoes this purplyblue edged triangular edging.
It is an all over pattern in a Flame Stitch or Chevron Design
Main Color with the wider stripings is a Copper and Black Flamestitch that softens and looks herringbone.
Colors are all parallel chevrons in Purplish Royal Blue, Shades of Fushia, White, Turquoise and Garnet
Tunic is 24 1/2" Long from shoulders to hemline
8" Long inset Sleeve
Bustline and hemline measure 40" and can be stretched easily.

The Cardigan Jacket features all the same colors and patterning as the Tunic
The chevrons run vertically on the front panels and around the front neckline
The chevrons are horizontal on the cuffline of the Long sleeves
The body of the jacket is copper and black in a more subtle herringbone pattern
The back of the jacket features only this simple weave.
Elongated Vee Neckline down the front to show off the patterning of the tunic
3 Metallic copper Frogs provide the closure below the waistline
28" long from neckline in the back to the hemline
31" from shoulder to longest point in the center front.
24" Long Inset Sleeves
Bustline is 40" with some opening between the front panels
Hemline measures 42" from end to end.
A fair amount of stretch.
Stupendous coloration and very chic easy wear detailing.
This is a light weight knit, but because of the patterning is not revealing
The design is a continuous Woven network of pattern and color
Made as only MISSONI COUTURE can do it!!

This exotic twinset will be best on a Size 10-12
This is the COUTURE LINE of MISSONI - there are several different labels
This is the one that walks the runway.
No pockets, Tunic donned over the head
Brand NEW - absolute PERFECTION!
Retail for this ensemble is $2,890.00

Wearable all year round because of the lightness of the fabrication
ALWAYS the right choice!

Missoni represents a unique style in ready-to-wear knit classics.
What started as a tiny workshop of a newly-wed couple,
Tai & Rosita Missoni, in the late 1950's,
has become the leading trendsetter of knitwear around the world.
The couple and their children have become a team of artisans
who developed their business by dreaming up colorful designs & combinations of textures
influenced mainly by folk-art. MISSONI is ART-TO-WEAR at its most inventive and comfortable.
They use up to 20 different fabrics, including wool, cotton, linen, rayon and silk.
Each collection is made up of at least 40 different color variations.
The Missonis have kept their traditional ideas and maintained their quality which has always been an important priority.
They now employ over 200 people and have taken their trademark exotic textured prints
into the world of home design as well as fashion.